Demetrice Williams is a minister at Mt. Pleasant Worship & Outreach Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. Demetrice began following Jesus Christ at the age of 16. He has developed a passion for strengthening other Christians in their faith, developing the local community and motivating people to fulfill God’s plan for their life.

He is the author of ‘Maximizing the Right Now’. This book discusses issues young adults face such as how to manage money according to God’s word, how to form the godly relationships, and how to hear the voice of God. Demetrice lives in the Raleigh area with his wife Danaka.






Are Saying

"Minister Williams is well put together well connected man of God who has a handle on today's generation. He is one of our up and coming leaders for years to come, causing lives all over the world to be changed for the Kingdom of God."

Pastor Juan L. Nelson, Senior Pastor of Peacekeeper Millennial Church – Durham, NC

"Demetrice is a young man with a hunger and fire for the Lord. He is a millennial who understands the urgent need to be a generational bridge builder in these turbulent and transitional times. His deep commitment and passionate fervor for ministering a powerful message that stands in this generational divide is mandatory for today’s Kingdom initiatives."

Apostle Phillip Walker, Senior Pastor of Mt. Pleasant Worship & Outreach Center – Raleigh, NC

Motivating and Empowering the



Maximizing The Right Now

God’s Plans for Young Adults In These Last Days.

This novel discusses many issues you and other young adults may face such as finances, relationships, and hearing the voice of God.

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